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The Hope Springs Mysteries

What happens when you mix a prim etiquette columnist with an inquisitive and exasperating ghost? Ghastly fun. Then add a ghost dog, tormented cat, match-making mother and a host of other humorous characters into the mix and see what delightful trouble comes. 


Follow the quirky crime-stopping duo of Hope and Eugene as their adventures unfold. 


The Characters

Keep checking this page for new character previews...

Hope Springs

This 30-ish etiquette columnist and event planner thought her life was going to go according to plan--her mother's plan anyway--until the ghost of irritating Eugene showed up. She's willing to do just about anything to get rid of him, or so it seems.

Eugene Schreier

A food critic for the local paper, Eugene is a self-proclaimed gourmand with a strong sense of pride. Yep, that's code for arrogance. His dearest wish is to get out of Hope's life for good. Or is it?

Magdalena Dupres

This fluttery, melodramatic woman takes a liking to Hope and has some ghost stories of her own. But what secrets lurk behind her innocent airs?

Madame Muscovy

Is this fortune teller genuine or not? Hope and Eugene will find out soon enough. 

Jillian Scott

Hope's best friend and owner of The Bon Vivant restaurant suspects that something is wrong in Hope's life, but can't quite figure out what. 

There are many more characters in Hope and Eugene's story. Keep checking back as more get added to the list. And yes, we will soon be meeting the dreaded Aunt Maude...

What could possibly happen next ?

You've read Grim and Proper, so you know how the first book ends. The big question now is ...Where do Hope and Eugene go from here? And who can possibly help them figure out the truth about Eugene?

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